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My Philosophy

As an occupational therapist with years of experience working with older adults, Anne combines her skills as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor to offer classes that inspire, educate and empower. The focus of Anne’s classes are to help each student reach their optimal fitness and health levels through evidence based exercises that target functional fitness and total body training including strength, flexibility, cardiovascular training, core and postural stabilization, balance, agility and brain fitness. 


She believes that everyone benefits from physical activity and she strives to make her classes fun while encouraging participants to work at their own level and to safely challenge and progress their workouts over time. She believes that self-compassion and self knowledge are important and she instructs her class in alignment, often identifying which muscles are being activated and how to modify and adapt their workouts.


Anne recognizes the connection of mind and body, and encourages mindfulness and focused breath work as well as incorporating physical activity with brain drills to stimulate brain health. Throughout the class, there is an ongoing emphasis on exercises to help with fall prevention and balance and these skills are practiced in a variety of ways. Anne believes in the power of exercise to help people stay resilient, strong and active and truly wants her students to stay healthy and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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