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Exercise Videos

Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home

American Heart Association endorsed walking videos. Her simple choreography and enthusiastic style will have you walking anywhere from 1-5 miles 


Comprehensive strengthening, flexibility, balance and posture videos. Free exercise e-book available for download

Feeling Fit Club: Exercises for the week! Click on each day to link to the YouTube video: MondayTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Priority One-Getting Started

Web-series designed for people who are getting started with exercise 

Fall Prevention and Balance

National Council on Aging: Fall Prevention 

Tips, strategies​, and evidence-based programs to prevent falls

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: STEADI Initiative​

"Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injries"

Check your risk for falling and learn what you can do to prevent falls

NIH Senior Health: Balance Exercise 

Includes pictures and videos of exercises to help improve your balance

Brain Health

Sharp Brains

Articles, brain teasers, book reviews and resources tracking brain health trends and scientific literature



Twenty-nine brain training exercises that target attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation and intelligence. Hundreds of levels of exercises that continue to challenge you as you increase your skill level. Check out the July 2016 article about the ACTIVE trial results showing the benefits of the speed processing game “Double Decision” and its impact on cognitive health and reduction in dementia risk. 



Over 50 cognitive games developed by scientists to challenge and improve brain fitness. Free activities and paid subscriptions available 



Articles on healthy living, fitness and access to a variety of free brain games

Fall Prevention and Balance
Exercise Videos
Brain Health
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